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Book 3 in the Shaine and Morgan Series, Blood and Roses

Bella Book’s MB Panichi is a hard-rock girl at heart. She’s a GCLS Goldie winner, drummer, and an obsessive science-fiction fan who likes placing human stories in worlds that don’t exist—but she would really love it if they did.

Arienne my love, if I can’t have you nobody can. -Celestian

It’s Earth Year 2053 and hot lead guitarist Ari Walker and her slam-thrash band Shattered Crystal Enigma (SCE) have just embarked on their first interstellar tour. But they are not alone. Somewhere among the thousands of devoted fans is a demented stalker named Celestian who is determined to win Ari’s devotion—or be her destruction.

Too intense and focused on her music for a real relationship, Ari’s always been the love-’em-and-leave-’em type. Until she meets a woman whose power and passion matches Ari’s playing—and her heart—beat by beat.  Badass drummer Rhynn Knight, SCE’s newest member, is ecstatic to be in the band of her dreams alongside the woman of her dreams.

As the tour continues and Ari’s new relationship takes center stage, the danger around them grows. Even the superior skills of SCE’s bodyguards can’t stop the stalker’s psychotic wrath. Is Celestian lurking in the darkness of space or hiding in plain sight?

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About Me

MB Panichi is a writer with Bella Books. Her first book, Saving Morgan, won a Goldie Award for Science Fiction. Running Toward Home is the sequel, followed by Blood and Roses, to be published soon, and Choosing Love, which is a present-day romance. MB hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she lives with her wife and their three Shih Tzu fur babies. MB’s obsessions, other than writing, are reading, drumming, heavy-metal music and Star Wars. She supports these obsessions with a day job as a software Quality Assurance Analyst.


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